A Research on Return and Reintegration : Case Study of OFWS in Taiwan

Current government policy guidelines have not fully elaborated the difference between “Return” and “Reintegration”. These stages of migration remain to be treated as one and the same. However, return and reintegration are two different concepts. Return may only refer to the physical return of a migrant to their country of origin while reintegration is a continue reading

Enhancing skills demand-supply nexus: A gap analysis of the Bureau of Local Employment’s programs in line with the Philippine Qualifications Framework implementation

This research intends to provide pathways to integrate the aims and elements of the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) into the programs of the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE). It seeks to bolster the bureau’s active role in the implementation of the PQF by ensuring that its programs are implemented in consonance with the PQF objectives. continue reading

Labor Inspection Trends 2016

The study is a product of the recommendations of stakeholders, particularly during the gap analysis of ILO Convention No. 81 and 129 (Labour Inspection in Industry, Commerce and Agriculture) to have an annual inspection report. The Bureau of Working Conditions (BWC), the program manager of the Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS), requested the assistance of continue reading