Fostering Voluntary Compliance: An Assessment of the Labor Laws Compliance System

Description: This policy paper provides an assessment of the implementation of the Department’s Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS). Using the Input-Output Model as a reference, the researcher analyzed two components of the LLCS, policy and implementation. Policy: The compliance rate for establishments in general labor standards and occupational safety and health standards are above 50%. continue reading

Examining Issues On Contracting Arrangements In The Philippine Retail Industry: A Case Study On The Working Conditions Of Contractual Workers In Supermalls And Supermarkets

Description: This paper seeks to examine the current issues and concerns on working conditions in select retail establishments in the National Capital Region. A firm-level survey, in which selected workers are interviewed and provided with a self-administered questionnaire, is the methodology used here to achieve sound and reliable findings on the present working conditions in continue reading