First Round Table Discussion on Skills and Compensation Survey for Mining and Other Mineral Extraction Industry

Description: Providing a venue for expressing different viewpoints on mining-related issues and sharing insights on work conditions will reveal knowledge not otherwise extracted from the survey questionnaire. Furthermore, a venue for fully examining the manner of carrying out the overall research project is necessary. Hence, there is a need to conduct a round table discussion continue reading

Industry Leaders’ Breakfast Meeting on the National Human Resource Development Roadmapping

Description: Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce to attain productive, innovative and competitive industries, many industry stakeholders have identified human resource development (HRD) as a key cross-sectoral issue of concern. For this reason, the DTI partners with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to spearhead the crafting of HRD plans that will complement continue reading

Examining the Portability of Social Security Benefits among Migrant Workers in the Asia Pacific Region

Description: As the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) policy research and advocacy arm, the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) undertakes relevant research studies that promote better labor policies in advancing the welfare and well-being of the Filipino worker. For 2015, the research study entitled “Examining the Portability of Social Security Benefits among Migrant Workers continue reading

3rd DOLE Research Conference

Description: This development event report captures the event highlights that transpired during the 3rd Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Research Conference held at the Labor and Governance Learning Center, DOLE Building on 12 December 2014. It is composed of three main parts: (1) Chronology of Activities, (2) Research Presentations and (3) Open Forum. The continue reading