Strengthening Public Sector Unionism

Description: One of the policy concerns in public sector labor relations is the dynamics involved in the representation and participation of the Board of Directors/Trustees (Boards) of state universities and colleges (SUCs) and government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCCs) as representatives of management in the negotiation process of the collective negotiation agreement (CNA). This unique relationship continue reading

Gap Analysis of ILO Convention 188, Work in Fishing Convention, 2007

Description: Discussions are ongoing at the international and national levels for the complete ratification of the 2007 International Labour Organization (ILO) Work in Fishing Convention (WIFC) by member-states. As the Philippines has yet to ratify this convention, several stakeholders have expressed concern and apprehension regarding their capacity to comply with the standards described in the continue reading

Examining the Portability of Social Security Benefits among Migrant Workers in the APEC Region focusing on Non-Asian Economies

Description: As international labor mobility increases the question of social protection for migrant workers has been raised. The typical life cycle of a migrant worker requires special provisions with regard to various branches of social security and services. Using the four regimes described by Holzmann, Koettl, and Chernetsky (2005), the accessibility of social protection resembles continue reading